Thursday, July 21, 2011

My July



 We played with cuties when I going to my grandma's house
They like Max so much <3

Handsome? I tied for him, He asked me, 好看吗? Lols.

Max said : " Mummy, Daddy playing with meeee.. "

I Love the Kiss Mark. Definitely. 


What I am doing recently?
I have to ask myself.

As usually,

I stay my boyfriend's house as a good good girl.

Lols. Should I say that? hee

Since I always online, I contact with my cousin who stays Alor Star.

The one  I personality cult.

She is a understanding person,

she sensible,

she has very strong analytical skills.

She is a Pretty mummy, really!

she is a beautician.

I like her so much, because she taught me many.

She lets me know, how to behave myself.

She lets me know, what the girls really want.

Her every word every sentence have enlightened me.

I felt so nice to communicate with her.

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