Tuesday, July 12, 2011

June!! July!!

May, I had 2 more functions on May, What they are? heee.. I went to Pulau Redang with my cousin, the very first time I stepped on the redang beach, mama! I felt excited but damn miss my dear at the other side. And also, I went to Alor Star for my cousin's wedding dinners. A lots of pics I upload to my facebook. Check it down..

And!! June 2011 Past as well!! I already ignored my blog long time, it is more than a month!!
So, lets we continue it. My english didnt improve since I always fooling around, something stupid. Hmph.

and also, nothing to share or to say. Erm, show u guys my normal days pics here..

And, July here!! I still me!! The function we were, Transformer in Penang, and Singing function in Gerik..